This is why you are not successful .

success in life

Have ever wondered why some people are successful and many others are not succesful?

Having the best idea in the whole world and failing to work with or put it to use it, Take action will do you no good.
People who do this are called procrastinators.
They hardly achieve anything worthwhile.
They keep postponing taking action on a thought or an idea that could bring a change to them or someone else
Procrastination has killed many dreams .it has also rendered many good ideas that worth millions of dollars and could have change the world useless.
Failing to take action when it is the right time is very dangerous. as dangerous as poverty.
People who procrastinate end up in poverty because they failed to take action at the appropriate time.
They live almost if not all their life regretting what they didn’t do.

way of success

I know you wouldn’t be happy to find out five years later that opportunity which you would have taken which another person did and is now successful.
• There is no better time than now to that that project
• There is no better time than now to start that business.
• There is now convenient time than now to put that idea of yours into use.


1. Negative self image: people fail to take action when they start seeing them self as weakling. When you look at your self and say you can not do it . seeing the inability in you instead of the strength. You tend to lose confidence and hope in your ability.

2. Fear of what people will say
success key

: I have been a victim of this particular problem personally. I have observed that why some people fail to take action is because of the fear of what their
neighbor, friends or family will say about them. To succeed is a decision you have to make by your self ,no body give a damn to whether you succeed or not so you have to kill that fear and go ahead and start .instead of being afraid of their view or opinion. focus on making your plan come to pass then all of them will celebrate with you . because no body want to identify with failure . ignore their opinion and move ahead with your plan
3. Fear of critic : there will always be critics whether you do it right or wrong. So you don’t have to keep bothering your self with what the critics will say about you . you have the best opinion about your self because no body know you than you know your self.

How to be a greatfinisher,and rule your world

4. Fear of failure : some people have this fear in their mind that they will not succeed .see you have to enter the water before you can learn how to swim. You can not stay at the shore and learn to swim. Thomas Edison tried 10000 times and failed before he could come out with an idea that worked .the result is the light bulb we are using today. you have to put away the fear of failure in your mind and move ahead with your plan to action. Our fear are our greatest enemy . so to defeat that enemy is starting with your plan and start to think like you already have what you are aiming for.
Don’t care much about the outcome ,but focus on the process .
The outcome will always will affected by how well the process was controlled
5. Negative thought: filling your self with negative thought is one of the reasons people procrastinate.
When you start thinking of those people that tried the same thing and failed ,you will not do any thing than .
You have to fill your self with good thinking and focus on what you want to do.

6. Waiting for the perfect time : there is nothing like the perfect time .you have to start now and make it happen .
Stop waiting for time when cow will starting flying .
When the whole money in central bank will be sent to you.
It wouldn’t happen . the great men who you admire and want to be like , the Bill gates, Zuckerbergs , warren buffet etc there take action immediately when the opportunity comes.
Stop taking chances .
Some people wait for when they have 30 billion in their account before they start a business. Now is the good time to start that business.
Start small and watch it grow
Remember that every single problem you fail to solve today , will be double tomorrow. Every single minute you waste without taking action will never come back.
Time being the greatest asset of man need to be used judiciously.