How to make a good Choice Career

One of the greatest defeats faced by man today is the making of wrong choice in any area of life. A man who makes a wrong choice is bound to end up in a crooked or confused way.  today we have a lot of people who are educated but are not in any way usefull to the society . because they made wrong choice of courses and thus ended up in confused careers. many parents force their children to study one course  or the other just because they heard its lucrative . which their child may not be interested in. such man ruin the future of the child .

This is why you are not successful .

What is Career Choice?

          A career choice is the art of determining a field of learning/study that requires certain knowledge and/or skills acquired through or in a giving educational program which results in a certification or degree attesting to one’s accomplishment in such area of study. In a layman understanding, career choice is an area of study which a person has interest and has chosen to follow in his life.

How do I make my Choice of Career?

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a person who depends on another to make a choice of career for him/her is bound to end up in confusion. So, it is alarming how people are imitating their fellows in the choice of career just because of envy or because they are forced into it.  I must submit here that just like marriage, career choice is a naked life-wire which can make or destroy somebody’s future.

The first step to making a career choice is by SELF ASSESSMENT. You need to assess your potential skills, abilities, value, knowledge, personality and interests. You do this by taking self-assessment test which to me, should be made a must by an individual who desires to go far in life. Take for instance, by my personal assessment of students in secondary schools, I came to understand that each time one asks them the courses they will like to study in the university, they will echo; “LAWYER, DOCTOR OR POLITICAL SCIENCE”, and that’s all they know. Today also, you can see young pupils/students who can excellently fix light in their mothers’ rooms and such other places but the irony is if you ask them what they want to study, all they will tell you is political science. When they eventually go into political science or related courses, they will end up killing their life-careers. This to me is a life tragedy.

How can I know the course that best matches my career choice?

everyone born of a woman has one or more things which he likes doing and each times he does that thing, his heart will be filled with happiness or joy.   Explore Career options that will match your personality and interest. This however, will not happen overnight but with time, practice and determination, you will be able to shape a career that suits you needs and wants. Next to the forgoing is to bend low and acquire the basic skills and knowledge it requires. This may take several years of training or higher education or both. After this, you are deemed to have been a fulfilled man and you will explode like a bomb in your field of learning where every Dick and Harry will celebrate you. Holding the bull by the horns, a student who picks interest in constructing or designing things has no better career than going into Engineering, another student who can make a logical arguments, bring out saturated reasoning, lay standards for solving problems, etc has no better career than Law. Another student who fancies restoring/repairing home gadgets like TV, Radio, Computer sets, can take his/her career choice into electrical electronics.  Those who pick interest in human health can check-in into any of the branches of medicine. Those who values crops cultivation or animals production can fit themselves into any of the diverse branches of agriculture and so on. Today, the white-men are far ahead of us not because they are more knowledgeable than we are but because while they go into the careers they have interest in, we go into careers which we see others going/moving into. While they are becoming world recognized consultants (even if they study above hairs, (we are becoming jack of all professions/career and masters of none.

The surprises seen in career choice

There are many surprises about choosing a career. However, it must be borne in mind that choosing a career is simple but it could lead to a life in frustration if made wrongly. A life in frustration we know is a life in pains.

It is a surprise seen in career choice when students rush into a particular career because it makes one a millionaire overnight, forgetting to ask themselves whether such career is their area of interest. For instances, a boy made a statement that he would like to study  political science because he needed to live in affluence of politics but the simple question I put to him was; “how many Nigerian politicians studied political science?”. Money or its quest should not mislead us into making wrong choices of careers to avoid witnessing surprises at the end of the long run.

People who also make choice of career because their pals or family members or even on the clause of envy on others are bound to witness surprises at the end. This is because they can never be fit to do anything in that field even if they come out with the best of results. Students should have at the tip of their fingers that except they change and adapt to areas of interest, they are bound to stick to their career forever and this could be catastrophic when people will be baptizing you with “educated fool|”. Are we surprised that many a graduate cannot make any positive contribution to their field of study today because they are either forced to go into the field or on their own personal egocentrism, they went into it. They might be deadly intelligent yet, nothing good comes out of them.

What are the dangers of making wrong choice of career?

The negativities of wrong choice of careers include:

  1. It makes one inferior (i.e. less important (in his/her field of study and among his equals.
  2. It leads to a life in frustration or distress.
  3. It binds one and makes him lack focus.
  4. It leads to the escalation of quacks in many careers.
  5. It encourages/leads to self-incompetence and disappointment.
  6. It damages the name of a particular career/profession.
  7. It causes intolerable harms in the society.
  8. It produces incompetent career men and women in the society.
  9. It brings lack of skills or knowledge in the career study.
  10. It produces dullard in a particular field.


The professional incompetence seen among our young graduates will be a thing of the past if we should learn to do/study what we know best. None born of a woman is so imbecilic so much so that there is nothing he/she can do as a living soul. The problem sets in when we want to imitate forgetting that if God had wanted us to be same in terms of career choice; he would have given us one mind flowing of the same interest or idea. The choice of career is equivalent to the body parts that perform different functions but yet in the same body. A businessman who goes into a particular trade because another person in that trade makes it “is bound to go bankrupt and so is our choice of career”. Let’s choose wisely.

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